Xbox Live Sessions to feature Marlon Wayans

Actor, Comedian Marlon Wayans is going to be playing Destiny 2 as a part of Xbox Live Sessions Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 6 p.m. PDT on the Xbox Mixer Channel

According to Xbox Wire, the success of the first live stream, which featured musical artist DJ Khaled, they invited Marlon Wayans on the show to get a chance to interact with his fans and talk about his upcoming projects which include a TV Show called “Marlon”.

“Love the idea of interacting with both my fans and fans of Xbox.” Marlon Wayans said to Xbox Wire. ” Destiny 2 looks sick and look forward to trying it out while bringing some laughs and cool surprises to the audience during my Xbox Live sessions.”

Xbox Live Sessions is a new live streaming show that features celebrity guests who play games and interact with their fans. Fans also get the chance to participate in giveaways and see never before seen gameplay from future released games.

The list of celebrity guests has not been released yet, but if it continues to receive positive feedback the series will most likely proceed.


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