Rainbow Six hitting a milestone gives hope for the future.

Before Rainbow Six Seige was even released I wrote an article about if consoles were ready for multiplayer only games. I hesitantly said yes. The past experiences that I had during that time with multiplayer only games had not been great. Servers had been shut down because of company problems, and player counts would be up one week and would be extremely low the next. I was admittedly scorn by them, but I forgot how big Rainbow Six was.

Rainbow Six Seige has hit 20 million players with 2.3 million playing every day. That is an achievement so congratulations to Ubisoft. To maintain that and continue to move forward and keep putting out content for your players is what has kept you all going this far.

Rainbow Six Siege was released in December of 2015 with the bold move to drop their single player story mode to have just a multiplayer only game which worked out it in their favor. The game biggest attribute was its multiplayer despite both of the first two iterations of series including single player. Focusing only on multiplayer gave fans of the series hope that the multiplayer that it would be the best out of the series.


Ubisoft’s bold decision did also give hope to Gamers that other series would redirect their focus on specific parts of their games and now would be the perfect time to try. For instance Call of Duty.  No, they should not drop their single player because many people actually play it. They should, however, make Call of Duty Zombies its own separate entity instead of having a new version with every release. It would give them room to try different things and maybe have a huge success based on something that is very popular.


Rainbow Six Seige has done something that was huge. They took a chance and it worked but it couldn’t have worked without the dedication of the fans and without a dedicated team. Also, check out this trailer for their upcoming DLC for Rainbow Six called Operation Blood Orchid which has theme parked based maps.


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