Cardi B addresses accusations of being racist

The Bronx native was put on blast when Twitter user @WokeMutant composed a thread of tweets of Cardi B calling dark skinned women “roaches.”

Cardi’s tweets were clapbacks to users who tweeted negative things about her.

When Cardi B became aware of the thread and backlash, she explained her reasoning behind the usage of the word.

Her explanation failed to please @WokeMutant because he continued his rant.

“She needs to ask herself why she only addresses black women online as roaches never light ones or dark men,” the user said. “Using the excuse of oh it’s a New York thing (calling other women roaches) is poor.”

Despite the criticism of Cardi B, other Twitter users were unphased by her old tweets.

Cardi B also seemed to be unbothered this morning when she tweeted lyrics from her single, Bodak Yellow, which is #14 on the Billboard charts.



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