The mystery that is the Atari Box

Atari is returning with a new console and it looks interesting they just recently released new pictures for the console and a teaser trailer for it. The only problem is that nobody knows anything about but that might be a good thing.

This is thing has been the most mysterious thing to come out of the gaming world in a long time. A few details have been let out by the Atari team via press release. The console will include 4 USB ports, HDMI, and a sd card slot. There will be two versions, a black/red edition, and a wood edition.

The games it would play would, of course, would be the classic Atari games, but according to them, they are going to have it play modern games as well. To read the entire press release click here.


images from Atari


I am very excited and fearful for this mystery machine but it is a good feeling for the future. The way the Atari team sounds they seem very excited about it and seem to be trying their best to get it right. This is the exciting part. What’s going to happen to the gaming industry? Is there a big competitor or the rise or another failed attempt to come at the big 4? Atari has a chance to come make history a second time and the best part about it that we do not know anything.


Images from Atari


Before our constant stream of news and leaks, Gamers had to wait and be surprised about new games. That feeling has come back with the Atari Box and it works very well. This also gives them the chance to develop games again on a bigger and massive scale. There is a lot that can come from this company.

There is a fear that they will do it and it will not meet expectations,and it will not be able to keep up with the modern expectations of the new generation. It is possible it will not be able to keep up with these new consoles because various reasons. Atari has not made anything in a long time and hoping that they have not lost might not be good enough for a purchase especially if it is pricey.

Atari has a lot to lose and a lot to prove. Most of this stuff works to the team’s advantage and gives the gamer community a positive look on their new product. The only thing we have to do now is to wait.


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