Rob Kardashian Exposes Blac Chyna On Social Media

Throughout the day yesterday, Robert Kardashian went on social media to vent about his current relationship with his wife, Blac Chyna, who showed him videos of her cheating on him with another man.

Here is a snippet of tweets that were sent from Rob.

Rob also claimed that he spent more than $100,000 on Chyna to get a “better body”… Why would she, as a mother of his son, go behind her husband’s back and do something like this? Also, does anyone see anything wrong with Rob spending this money on her knowledge of her past?

The sad thing here is the fact that their daughter, Dream, was growing up without a mother, according to Rob. When Dream was born, Rob tweeted that Chyna dipped out and completely shattered the relationship.

I’m not one to take sides in these kinds of situations, but going behind your husbands back is clearly wrong. A part of me felt like Chyna, when she got married to Rob, would be serious and “change her ways” but I was wrong.


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