Return of Mr. EZ Wider. (Before Rolling Papers 2)

Wiz Khalifa’s Flight School mixtape is a classic tape. Khalifa showed off his delivery that made him the established stoner artist today. Another historic thing that came from Flight School is Mr. EZ Wider. Wider was the instructor for Flight School and his job was, well, to teach us how to fly. Now Wider has made his triumphant return right before the release of Rolling Papers 2.

When Wiz Khalifa announced that there would be a Rolling Papers 2 it felt appropriate.  Khalifa leaving Atlantic Records is giving him a fresh start. Rolling Papers might have been his debut album, but Rolling Papers 2 will be Khalifa’s chance to make an album with complete creative control and start something brand new.

To build anticipation for the upcoming release Wiz released two free mixtapes. The first one Pre-Rolleds was the first and Bong- Rips was the second. These are both the re-introduction to our favorite pilot Mr. EZ Wider himself. This is an unexpected surprise but it is very well appreciated. It is well timed because once again this is Wiz Khalifa new beginnings and there is no better person to bring back than the man who originally taught us to fly.

Listen to both tapes here:




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