Anthem’s Gameplay reveal was one of the worse I had ever seen

One of the worst things about E3 is when they show off some of the gameplay with cooperative play. Most of the time the people that play the game are usually are very monotone and bland. This gameplay of Anthem was no different than any other this year, but Anthem’s commentary and reveal overall was bad.

Anthem’s gameplay was decent. They showed off the voice acting, the abilities of the super suits, and, of course, the graphics. As a matter of fact, they showed off mostly graphics. Most of the gameplay comes from shooting a few enemies and flying around the environment and that is an emphasis on a few. That makes this problem number one. Anthem is a beautiful game, and at this point in gaming, every game that has been made has been graphically sublime, but that is it. If this was supposed to be intentionally a vague display of gameplay they did a wonderful job. They flew, shot maybe a dozen enemies, and explored a little bit, but that is not what this is for.


Anthem business insideer
provided by Business Insider


A gameplay display is supposed to get your audience hyped for the release of the game and off of this one display, the day it goes on sale is the day it would be purchased. It was dreadfully boring. They should have gotten someone else to play the game that would have been really happy to play compared to them. They did not even sound excited to be involved. It was just hey let’s play this game like we have not rehearsed and played the same level 20 times before.


anthem ibtimes
provided by


Also, the gameplay looks like generic shooter gameplay. There was not an exciting part about it. She shot off a missile, woah, game of the year material already. The game reminded me too much of Destiny with generic gameplay but at least with Destiny, the character classes were different enough where they showed some of the stuff that made it different.

Anthem looks promising. It aims to be a huge open exploration shooter and it will accomplish that. The graphics are beautiful and the suits are cool, but this was an awful way to reveal it.  The gameplay was not up to par with what the rest of the game is imagined to look like and maybe they should have done something more or tried something else. If this reflects the actual game then it might not be worth it.


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