Where is it now?An Update on No Man’s Sky and Hello Games

No Man’s Sky was once one of the most anticipated games of  2016. After it’s release, the game was ridiculed by the community and was destroyed before they could even release the updates to properly fix it. It was a game with almost nothing to do but travel to the center of the universe. When the player managed to get there, nothing happened. No Man’s Sky downfall was not only caused by itself, but by the community hyping it up to something it was not. It has almost been a year now and the game has had a few changes since it’s initial release, and Hello Games has had interesting news as well.

The first update was called the Foundation update. It was released in November of 2016 and added a lot that the game desperately needed. A few of the biggest features added were the ability to add your build a base and the ability to farm. They also added game modes such as creative, survival, and normal mode. (For those who are interested in the rest of the update information click here to take to the official patch page.)

The next huge update was the Path Finder update which released in March. The game added many visual upgrades, class specializations, and vehicle specializations. They added a permadeath game mode to add even more challenge to survival. (For more details about this update click here.)

Recently Hello Games sent certain people cassette tapes. Now the No Man’s Sky subreddit are trying to decipher what it means. The assumption currently is that Hello Games has a big surprise coming for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. Whether it is DLC or just another big update it has been a very fun process to the community.

Now is really the time to pick the game up because it is looking like the version that the world was supposed to receive. This version that is out now is the “game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy”. A lot of people never left the community have been playing the updates enjoying themselves while everyone else misses out.


provided by No Man’s Sky and Hello Games


I feel bad for Hello Games and felt bad when the game released.  No Man’s Sky is still a beautiful game and is getting better every day because that is what Hello Games wanted.

“The night sky was filled with more stars than you’ve ever seen, and we’ve all thought that this is exactly where video games would go, video games that contained the whole universe, and you’d be able to visit it all. No Man’s Sky takes that jump. It’s the game we’ve always wanted to make”

This quote from Hello Games showed ambition to push an industry that plays it safe forward. They wanted something so much more than what the final product of No Man’s Sky was. This shows in the updates and it really shows in this cassette tape deciphering situation that they have conjured up.  They wanted the community to get together so they could find and help each other.  No Man’s Sky could have rivaled Minecraft in such a way that PlayStation rivals Xbox, but the game released earlier than is should have been.


provided by No Man’s Sky and Hello Games


There were great things that did come from No Man’s Sky predicament. Procedurally generated has become a well known feature and with these powerful consoles, there could be seemingly infinite worlds. Also, the idea of putting every gamer that owns a game into one world, all together, at the same time does not seem as impossible.

What should have been taken from this situation is that it does not matter how many times you delay the game, if it comes out amazing it is worth it. In a current time of “put it in later” games, there is no point of updating a game with no players. Lastly, Hello Games push for more did technically pay off. This game, no matter how big of a let down it was in the beginning, sold. The community fed into this game and everything it eventually became and will become. The strive for something more paid off in the end because everyone is tired of people playing safe and giving us the same thing. That is all the gaming community wants.


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