The Issues with Premium Gaming and High-End Consoles.

There are rumors of Sony releasing a PlayStation 5 sooner than later are not too surprising. The constant growing curiosity and anticipation for the Xbox Scorpio may have caused that. The problem with that is the gaming community still does not know too much about the Scorpio yet or how the community will react. There are still issues surrounding these high-end machines that have not been addressed yet.

Is the upgrade even worth it? Not just from a cost standpoint but from performance as well. The upgrades really only matter if you care about the graphics and performance which now and days very important. The new generation really cares about whether their game looks good. Cost is important as well as but it is more important to the average consumer who does not play games that often. The Xbox is most likely going to offer a percentage off for the trade-ins for the Xbox Ones.


The PlayStation 4 Pro only had a small performance and graphical upgrade which costs $400.  The Scorpio completely beats out the PS4 Pro in the spec department because it is meant to be on the higher end and be a real competitor for PC. The Scorpio is going to cost more than $500 for certain. The price becomes an issue because a consumer is spending all the money for a high- end console, and you have to buy the more expensive 4K TV to properly take advantage of the console. To add on to that the price of  Xbox Live $60 a year.

What happens after these machines come out? Xbox has Play Anywhere, which if they keep their promises, they will be okay. Xbox One users will not have to worry if they will be left behind. PlayStation does not have anything in place to say that they will keep their games going across all platforms but they most likely do. This is not as big as a concern yet.


The price of competing with PC is going to have to come with sacrifices. Giving up that monthly subscription will push whoever chooses to do it first ahead. Also, the first to properly implement things like humble bundles, steam sales, and just overall PC culture into their system will also have a huge advantage over the competition. There are many things they could do to be better and compete with PC. Trying to create a powerful console is not going to be enough. The whole culture if blended properly could be amazing for both sides. Xbox Play Anywhere has been great because PC has been recieving games that Xbox would normally use as exclusives and vice versa. This has benefitted everyone and been a great experience. Everything is could be great if it’s done well.

I wonder what Nintendo is doing right now


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