Pen and Paper Video Gaming? (Cyberpunk 2077)

CD Projekt Red was recently in hot water because of their trademark on the word “Cyberpunk” for their new game Cyberpunk 2077, but the what in the world is Cyberpunk 2077?

The Witcher developer put out its first teaser for Cyberpunk four years ago. The game is based off a tabletop RPG originally called Cyberpunk that is set in the future. The interesting part of the game is that CD Projekt Red is trying to incorporate the pen and paper mechanics into the gameplay.

Pen and paper games give characters unlimited freedom. Compared to video games, you are limited to barriers of the developers. When addressing the issues about implementing this they said this:

“For hardcore Cyberpunk 2020 fans out there, twiddling with rules in such a way may seem like blasphemy, but rest assured that we are working very closely with Mike Pondsmith (Creator) to ensure that the unique feel of the original, paper game is preserved intact.”

This style of gaming is going to be difficult, but if CD Projekt Red manages to accomplish this, and do it well, they would make history.


This style is different from any other type of game in gaming. It will be close to a sandbox but breaking out of the box. With today’s technology, it is not impossible. They can constantly update the game with new character customizations and new missions will keep it fresh. They could add mission or map creators like many games have done. There are a lot of ways to pull it off but it is still a lot of speculation on how they are going to do this.

This is an excellent company to take on the task though. They have a great resume of games and they finish them too. There is hope for this game but the gaming community must wait for now.

If you want  to read CD Projekt Red’s full statement go here

Also here is a video for the trailer that was released four years ago.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ArcanicVoid says:

    Yeah, their site hasn’t been updating recently on this project, but hopefully they’ll come up with some updates or a refresher to keep fan’s interests.


    1. Doc says:

      Until I found this I thohugt I’d have to spend the day inside.


    2. Just like I said Jeff…. They are “liars”. When you confront them on the lies they just dodge and duck, change the subject then lie some more.


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