Are we the Good Guys?: The Wolf Among Us [Spoilers]

In games of choice, players always have an interesting choice to be good or awfully good. There is the hero and there is the dictator. In The Wolf Among Us, there is the Sheriff and the Wolf. In a popular example, it is like Rick and Shane from The Walking Dead.  There are a lot of spoilers ahead so if you have not played this game and have any interest in playing it, stay away from this.

The scary part about this game is that there is a very thin line between where you could be a good cop and a bad cop. Bigby has a bad reputation of being the wolf acting fast and loose, but this time around it is really hard to determine whether you should be easy on these people. This game of choices can really determine where you end up and whether you are a good guy.

In the last episode of the game, depending on the choices that were made, you end up in a room with The Crooked Man surrounded by everyone from Fabletown. The town has decided to put him on trial.


Before the trial starts (Bing)



This is where things get a little tricky. The crooked man starts convincing the townsfolk he was innocent and the question is, was he? The whole purpose of Bigby running around town is to find the murderer of Faith. Well, you do, kind of. The beginning of the episode starts with The Crooked Man immediately saying Georgie did it and Georgie admits to killing her. It gets even more confusing because Georgie claims The Crooked Man gave the order, but The Crooked Man said to take care of it and but he did not mean kill her. So, on a weird technicality, he is innocent if he is telling the truth.

It does not make it any better because many of the people have had help from The Crooked Man after the administration had shunned them. Which, depending on your choices again, can end very bad for Bigby and Snow White. It is was an interesting turn with the game because the whole time Bigby was chasing a murderer and it turns out the guy he started chasing, did not murder anyone and was taking care of the town. He was making contraband and that was the one thing that can be proven that he was truly guilty of. Even that was to help the poorer people of the town.

The Crooked Man has every base covered. He did not have hand in killing troll. He did not have anything to do with the debt that the town accrued. That was Crane. He did not kill anybody. He has only one crime he can possibly be convicted of. Even in the end when you talk to Narissa and she says she is sure that he gave the order,  it does not sound convincing enough.


This is the last time Bigby speaks to Narissa (Bing)


In the end,  to kill or put the Crooke Man in “jail” was one of the hardest decisions I think any person would have in this game. I do not think it affected how the town looked at you because of all the decisions you made prior to this moment, gave you the reputation you deserve.  This would be a small saving grace for Bigby. Instead, it affects the political side of the town more and Bigby’s morals. You can either keep doing things the way they were done before and never be respected, or try something different and earn the title of a great sheriff. Either way, you really do not find out if you made the best decision.


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  1. Hundstrasse says:

    Possibly my favourite of the recent brand of Telltale games, made so interesting by the moral ambiguity and intriguing characters. I keep meaning to go back and play it as ‘the bad guy’ .

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    1. AM says:

      It is always a lil harder for me to go back and just be a straight up evil dude

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hundstrasse says:

        Totally agree! Probably why I haven’t gotten around to it 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Indy says:

        That’s a sensible answer to a chiaelnglng question


      3. Yeah, they supposedly talked about the ad on Hannity & Colmes last night. If I could just get Glenn Beck and Rush talking about it now!Never thought something I created would be used by… I just hope they actually paid for the hat.


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