The Evolution of Desus and Mero

Watching Desus Nice and The Kid Mero come from there early beginnings at Complex to moving on to their very owned sponsored podcast and TV show is one helluva come up. Comparing the two times seem might like it is comparing apples and oranges, but they are still the same dudes from the Bronx being themselves.

As mentioned before, the pair started out at Complex, working on a show/ podcast called Desus vs Mero. This show showed the two talking about online videos mostly and maybe a few bits of pop culture here and there. The YouTube show was the censored filtered version, and the podcast, was, of course, the raw version. This show was a success as the dynamic duo unfiltered, uncut sense of humor caught an audience.

After the show ended Desus approached Mero about doing a podcast and that was the day the Bodega Boys was made. The Bodega Boys is basically that same type of humor based off of more topics instead of internet videos. The personal stories are also golden anecdotes that somewhat relatable and humorous. The Bodega Boys moved away from the strictly Tosh. O, Ridiculousness Style. They talk about everything from sports to politics which gave them the ability to do whatever they want. The best part about the Bodega Boys podcast is the way they make it seem like you are in an exclusive club. If you start at a recent podcast some of the jokes you might not get because they alluded to an older podcast.

Bodega Boys

Eventually, the Bodega Boys ended up with a show on Viceland called Desus and Mero where the two pretty much do the same thing as they do on the Bodega Boys in a more organized fashion. Also, there are celebrity guests which is cool. The Viceland show has ended up on many must watch lists and have taken over late night television. This is all well earned. The show always feels natural as if the audience showed up to hang out and talk about what is going in the world. Most of the interviews feel like they are just talking with friends they have not seen in awhile. The audience essentially just shows up to their living room. 

Desus and Mero

Desus & Mero have evolved from dudes from the Bronx to dudes from the Bronx who have a tv show. They have not changed much. They are still Knick cultist who get disappointed by every lost. This time around they just have more aliases and Mero has more kids. The comedic pair has made it really far and they deserve it. They proved even without being completely uncut and insulting the famous they are still hilarious. Their comedic style holds their own with other great late night shows, and they have added their own Bronx home to television which has given them their longevity

Keep going Desus and Mero the Bodega Hive is behind you. If you want to watch or listen to any of their stuff, the show episodes are available for free on Viceland. The podcast is available wherever you listen to podcasts.



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