Going back to where it began: Mass Effect

There has been a bag of mixed views of Mass Effect Andromeda and well that is to be expected. This is the first game in the series where the player has free control to roam around the larger universe that is Mass Effect.

In the beginning, before the reapers and before the Illusive Man, there was a Turian named Saren. Saren was your first enemy and the first threat to the galaxy. Commander Sheppard was then assigned to track and take down the rogue specter and this is where your story really begins.


Saren the first bad guy


Mass Effect is one of the games that had etched itself in history. This was one of the first few games that released that had choices which dramatically affected the story. The decisions you make in this story will affect how the whole series was shaped.  This gave it huge replay value. The core story is the same, but everything else changes. The characters your own personal team because of the interactions with them. The choices to even have a relationship with these people is up to you.

The characters your own personal team because of the interactions with them. The choices to even have a relationship with these people is up to

Ashley from ME1

you. Romantic interest whoever is chosen made more personal because of the dialogue options and helps you form a more meaningful relationship.The combat was good for its time. A cover based combat system, but that is not what makes this combat good. The team combat system where you can choose and map the actions for your team gave you strategic control over the battle.  The RPG elements add to the combat as you become skilled in only specific weapons, biotic and tech abilities.



The weapon system is probably the most frustrating thing to deal with. It was a very complex system for no reason. Also, the animations and the movements were clunky and slow. Going through the citadel, in the beginning, is painfully slow if you are uninterest but it does have its great moments. The mako drives like a baby that does not want to go to sleep. The cannon, the most useful weapon in planet exploration, is not told to you by the help tutorial. Planet exploration is hit and miss but the missions that were on the planets were very solid. Most of them had the same setup with different individual stories which made it worthwhile to go through. Driving the mako did make it feel like an awfully slow experience.


Mako driving into the night



The best thing about this game is the story and it is the reason why this series has lasted so long. Like previously mentioned before the dialogue wheel added dramatic changes to the story so much so that playing through the another time will result in a completely different detailed story every time. This is a real adventure to where you really end up hating certain characters and are forced to do things you do not really want to do. You become in a position of high power to get free reign to go across the galaxy just to get hammered with more politics and decision making. Some of the decisions you are forced to make will jeopardize your relationships with your team. This is a very ever changing story.


Mass Effect is one of the best series to date. The characters are amazing, the story is intense, and the gameplay is fun. Despite how Mass Effect Andromeda is, it will not affect how great the series is.



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