Call of Duty Remaster DLC: The Rant

There is an interesting place in the gaming world where you get to see franchises dwindle and fall beneath you. The ashes from the crippling empires began to beg for sympathy as they become nothing more but faded memories lost in the depths of the mind. This is a sad moment. Realizing that no matter how much people speak out, it will not matter.

Call of Duty is planning on releasing remastered DLC for the remastered version of Modern Warfare. Not only do the players of this game will have to pay for it, but they will have to 15 USD for it. The DLC will come with  10 rare supply drops and 4 maps. Go to Activision’s Blog for more details.

Cod Remaster

What can you say about Call of Duty? They have people who really care about the franchise. Treyarch’s Black Ops series is a good all around series from the story to the multiplayer. The Modern Warfare series by a lot of the members who were at Infinity Ward that is now Respawn Entertainment made a great series. Modern Warfare was the series that pushed them ahead in the first person shooter genre. After Ghost’s the franchise can not seem to keep up with rest of the genre and they are rapidly declining.

This is a horrible idea to make people pay for something that is not adding major value to the game. Map packs, in general, are already overpriced, but to make people pay for remastered DLC is criminal. HD remasters are acceptable because some people did not get to experience the game and the fans of the game get updated controls and graphics.


They also decided to do this in an oversaturated market, which in this market, they are surrounded by amazing competition. This decision added on to a game that is receiving mixed reviews gives this franchise a darker ending. Call of Duty was already losing massive amounts of players before but now with all of the constant changes the series is not as recognizable.

The competitive scene will keep Call of Duty around but the regular player is moving on. Be wary Activision.


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  1. Red Metal says:

    Guess it just wouldn’t do if Activision didn’t go full Activision in everything they did – including remastering their actual good games. I remember back when the Call of Duty franchise was a sacred cow absolutely nobody was allowed to criticize. Those were weird times.

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    1. AM says:

      It was kind of weird. It was like people obsessively acting on the behalf of Call of Duty as if they made the best game of all time

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      1. Red Metal says:

        Best of all time is a little much, but Call of Duty 4 is considered a great game – and rightly so.

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  2. Activision love money. I bet they are behind the recent price hike in Hearthstone. I’ll stick to Overwatch for my FPS needs. The game was pricey, but to their credit they regularly keep adding free content to it.

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    1. Amber says:

      Simply a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw outstanding design. &#0eB8;22tter by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad.” by Christina Georgina Rossetti.


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