The Era of the Producer

In the past, the producer was an overlooked name in hip-hop culture, with only a few getting recognition. Nowadays, the producer can craft a song and people will listen to it for them instead of the artist.

A few years ago many producers started to get their proper credit. A producer can be their own standalone artist without even picking up a microphone. Mike Will Made-It and MetroBoomin are great examples of why this is the generation of the producer. These two are arguably the most well-known producers in hip-hop.


Mike Will Made-It has made a huge influence on rap culture. He has already made a few classic hits with a lot of major artists in multiple genres. Mike Will Made-It picked up Rae Sremmurd and made them a part of the Ear Drummer Records. The young Mississippi duo has started to make a mark as the wild brothers of rap. They have major hits like “No Flex Zone”, “Black Beatles”, and “No Type”. All of these songs were produced by Mike Will himself. As he continues to grow, Mike Will shows that he not only has an ear for music but one for talent as well.


Metro Boomin does not own his own company, but his name is known more than many artists today. Metro has an incredible track record like Mike Will Made-It. He has collaborated with new artists such as 21 Savage and veterans such as Kanye West. “If young metro don’t trust you, I’m, gon’ shoot you” has become such a well-known phrase that it became a meme. Metro Boomin has become just as much of a solo artist as a producer. That just shows how much influence he has.

I mentioned these two because they represent the others I have not mentioned well and are two great producers that should inspire others because of their success. The success all of these producers have achieved has made being a producer an even more successful career path. Due to things like catchy producer tags and establishing a versatile style can bring an artist further. Also, due to the many websites and online marketplaces that are available, a producer can easily distribute their music just like any other type of creative individual.

It took a while before we made it to this era where the producer can succeed fruitfully. Many other producers had this same success before they even had the technology to spread their influence. Producers such as J Dilla, Dr. Dre, and Timbaland are just a few that made a huge impact without having to touch the mic (even though a few of them did). These producers to motivated through their talents and inspired many artists. That is how the title of producer ended up being celebrated more than ever. This is the generation of the producer.


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