The 89th Academy Awards: An Important Night for Hollywood

Oscar season is finally over. Instead of everyone hearing about which film might win an Oscar, we’re now heading into the blockbuster season. Even though this Oscar season felt more predictable for the nominations, it was definitely one of the better ones. For the first time since I had a big interest in movies, I didn’t have any problems with who got nominated for what.

After thinking about what happened at the Oscars for a week, this is my overall thought on the 2017 Oscars.

The biggest moment that had everyone talking was the screw up; where La La Land was mistaken for winning best picture and Moonlight actually won. It warms my heart to see a film like Moonlight win this category. It seemed like it was clear La La Land would win the category, but it was a shocker for everyone.

Yet, this is an embarrassing moment for an event that’s filled with class. Warren Beatty had the wrong envelope that had the best lead actress winner. What should have happened was not Warren Beatty hand the envelope to Faye Dunaway so she could announce the wrong winner, but instead, Beatty just says that he has the wrong envelope. It would have still been embarrassing, but at least Barry Jenkins could have had been able to give the speech he wanted.


I do have to give props to La La Land’s producer, Jordan Horowitz, for being gracious about this. It seemed like Horowitz was going to pull an Adele and break the Oscar in half to say Moonlight deserved the win. I’m not sure how anybody else would have acted in that situation.

Though this wasn’t the only mess up. During the in memoriam segment, Jan Chapman was shown instead of Janet Patterson. Chapman is also living, making this embarrassing for whoever was in charge of this segment.

Despite the two embarrassing moments, this year’s Oscars got political but entertaining. Last year’s host, Chris Rock, made fun of #OscarsSoWhite so I was thinking it was going to be hard for Kimmel to go up after Rock did an outstanding job as the host, but Kimmel wasn’t afraid to get political.

Within the first two minutes of his monologue, Kimmel joked about President Trump, and the jokes kept coming. If you were playing a drinking game about how many times politics were mentioned, then you probably don’t remember much.

jimmy kimmel

Kimmel was a good host, but he was predictable. The Trump and Matt Damon jokes were something that everyone could see coming, but he also decided to bring in people who were not planned to attend the Oscars and also surprised the audience by giving food. Two years ago, Ellen DeGeneres bought pizza and had it delivered to the show. Last year, Rock made people buy cookies for his daughter’s girl scout. This year Kimmel decided to let food glide from the ceiling, so it was the weakest out of the three if you want to compare them with the food.

Kimmel will probably return to host in the future, but hopefully, his jokes won’t make the audience feel uncomfortable at times. Everyone at home could sense how awkward the audience felt after Kimmel made jokes about O.J. Simpson when the documentary O.J.: Made in America won best documentary.

When it comes to the awards, it was one of the more important shows in Oscar history. Mahershala Ali is the first Muslim to win in an acting category. Viola Davis finally won on Oscar and gave one of the best speeches of the night. Damien Chazelle is the youngest guy to win the best director category. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the first film in the Harry Potter franchise to win an Oscar.

Netflix’s documentary short The White Helmets won an Oscar, being the first Oscar win for Netflix. Amazon also earned two Oscars with Manchester by the Sea winning in the best actor and best original screenplay category. These wins show how the movie industry is heading in a new direction, where big streamers are now being able to have high / top quality films that can win Oscars


Another big highlight was the appearance of Katherine Johnson, one of the African American women who contributions to the space programs were celebrated in Hidden Figures.

Out of my predictions, I had 16 correct. I could have had 17 total, but because of the mixup, it went back down to 16. Some of the categories I got wrong were sound mixing/editing, documentary short, and best picture.

If it weren’t for Moonlight winning best picture, then I’d say the Academy is still far away from showing importance in diversity. But Moonlight did win. This is what should be talked about, not about Dunaway announcing the wrong winner. Moonlight is the first film to win best picture that features an all black cast. It took 89 years for this to happen. If these wins show one thing, it’s that the Academy is heading in the right direction.


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  1. Red Metal says:

    I did not expect Moonlight to win. To be blunt, I didn’t think they had the guts. Guess it’s nice to be wrong every now and again, huh?


    1. I was pretty much assuming La La Land was going to win halfway through the show. Yeah I wasn’t even mad that I got my prediction wrong. Just happy they made the right decision.

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