Are We The Good Guys?

After finishing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. the characters were left in a very interesting position. Are you on the right side?  (Spoilers Ahead)

This was an obvious choice before the Pre-Sequel but now it is very different. Playing as Jack’s hired mercenary and gave a little insight about Jack and his goal. This is to rid Pandora of all of the bandits. A noble goal, but things would have been different if Roland, Lilith, and Moxxi would have handled things differently.

The thing is that you do not really see Jack turn into this power hungry person until the very end. Even after he kills the scientists that you just saved, there is nothing that would suggest that he would not kill them. As a matter of fact, nothing ever suggests that he would not do anything to save the moon and Pandora until the end of the game after they betray you.


The betrayal pushed him to that point. Jack was almost there on his own, but he could have been reasoned with. After destroying the monster’s eye, there is a mission where Jack wants you to retrieve the destroyed parts of the eye in a terrible attempt to put it back together. During the mission, Jack is frantic. He turns into an angry, even more, destructive character. What makes it even worse, after beating the guardian of the vault, and touching on the vault artifact, Lilith shows up and destroys it. This is where you see Jack turn into Handsome Jack.

This is the point of no return. This is the point where the question is asked is this the original vault hunters fault? They created him.

This is what made The-Pre Sequel the best story of the series. You see the other perspective. The people who were once the heroes became the catalyst for a worse evil. This gives a player a reason for even siding with Jack. He gets betrayed and every time it seems like a victory, the vault hunter’s show up and push him down even more.


What makes it worse, you do not even get to fight the people who tried to kill you that was the turning point for the character (whom you pick). They try to kill you. There are not any defenses for Jack because yes he is supposed to be the bad guy.  He is supposedly trying to rule the planet with an iron fist and destroy all the bandits.

You can not blame him for wanting to get revenge on the vault hunters after they tried to kill him so that’s justified. Also, you can not blame him for really wanting to kill everything that is bad on Pandora. Everything in Pandora literally wants to kill you. Everything and body will like you to be dead, except for a handful of people. Can you blame him for being angry? After being branded by the vault and almost killed twice can you blame him for wanting to destroy everything that is associated with the vault hunters?

There is always two sides to a story. Now that you have heard both, are the lines blurred, or are the good guys still the good guys?


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  1. Oo I love morally grey areas… I actually felt for Jack, too. I think there can always be an argument for both sides being the “hero” of their own story (IRL too). For me, the lines have been blurred 😉


    1. AM says:

      Same here! I just finished it and I was like “Wow no wonder he is pissed.” Gearbox could use that to their advantage for the story in Borderlands 3.

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  2. Harsimar says:

    I’m on Handsome Jack’s side now after playing the pre-sequel. Really, if the vault hunters hadn’t messed him up he wouldn’t have become a bad guy like he was in B2.

    Also, what do you think of that alien guy who comes at the end of Pre-Sequel ( the one who stopped all the bullets with his hand) ?

    Really excited to see how the story of Borderlands 3 goes!


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