Electronic Entertainment Expo is Public and the changes will come.

E3 has always been this spectacular event full of wonder that the select few could get into. It had this sort of flare that would make a tech lover envious. If you loved video games it was a dream.

The Entertainment Software Association announce that the tickets will go on sale on Feb. 13. The first 1,000 tickets will be sold for $150 and every ticket afterward will be $250. This is big news for the gaming industry but now the expo will turn into a show.

They can not keep things the same. The press only crowds were already overbearing for them. Now with the introduction of the consumer into the already overcrowded venue space means that those lines for the game demos will be even longer and those conference spaces will be tighter.This is not the worst thing for the entertainment expo, it will make the show even more exciting. All of the booth owners are going to have to go above and beyond. They will also have to make it bigger somehow.

E3 has always been a spectacle in the gaming world, but now it will an even bigger show.



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  1. I mean, I understand why they did this, but I sort of think they should have left it as a expo for reporters so the folks working the booths don’t have to start bending over backwards to appease a customer on top of everything else…


    1. AM says:

      That is my biggest fear, what was once a presentation becomes a giant window shopping show.


  2. I’ve heard that most in the industry don’t enjoy E3 so I suspect it’ll be even worse now. I’ll give it a miss…forever.


  3. Destiny says:

    SheHskrs – so how does the Armchair Survivor logo look as a tattoo?And what are you talking about Axed21???  Did you not see the second hour of the show?  I’m thinking you had too much Bae;7y&#821ils also ;- )


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