Memphis Grizzlies announce D-League affiliate in mid-south

Memphis, TENNESSEE- The Memphis Grizzlies have announced that they will be acquiring their own D-League affiliate team that will be playing in the mid-south.

The Grizzlies currently have numerous players on the Iowa Energy, such as Wade Baldwin and James Ennis. The Energy have just been purchased by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Purpose of the D-League is for players to more so hone their skills and become better ball players.

Now, let’s not bore you. Truthfully, the last thing you want to read is about a bunch of D- League players you don’t know.  The D-League team that the Grizzlies will own, will be playing here in Southaven, MS at the Landers Center.

Southaven will now finally be a place for some good basketball. Apart from the RiverKings, local NHL franchise, Southaven isn’t really known for its sports. The Grizzlies and RIverKings will be sharing the same arena, Landers Center.

The RIverKings, honestly, do not even sell out the arena most nights. In fact, if you go watch a game, more than hundreds of seats are empty. Now, let’s head north 20 minutes. If you go to a Grizzlies game, chances are it will be sold out. The Grizzlies are easily the most famous (and great) sports team in the state. When was the last time the Titans went to the postseason? Oh wait…

Not only are Grizzles games literally sold out, but Memphis is a basketball city. By bringing this team to Southaven, Grizzlies fans now have the chance to not travel far to see some more action on the court.

“This allows us to best develop our future Grizzlies players,” Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace told Mike Wallace of Grind City Media. Wallace has a point, but again, it is because of the distance between the two teams.

As mentioned previously, this is all about distance and time between the Grizz and the affiliate team. The Grizzlies are always and constantly sending players to the D-League, and now they have the opportunity to do that literally 20 minutes away. By not having to send players so far, the Grizz now will have a quick turnaround to get some of those players back.

This will also help out the city of Southaven in such a huge way. Think of the economic advantages this will bring. With all of the businesses and tourists the city has been experiencing, a basketball team could add immense value to the city.

The buzz around the city is already being noted. Mapco gas station employee Armad Saun is actually extremely eager to go and watch the games.

“I now don’t have to drive all the way downtown to see a good basketball game,” Saun said. “People sometimes underestimate how good the D-League can be. This is huge for Southaven.”

Saun has always been a Grizzlies fan ever since he moved here from Pakistan. Now, his gas station will have plenty of customers due to the fact that he not too far from Landers.

The D-League team will be playing in the 17-18 season. For fans who are eager to already get tickets, head over to and place your deposit! #GrizzNation




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