Finishing the Pre-Sequel (Borderlands The Pre-Sequeal First Impressions)

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is an interesting spot in the Borderlands series.  These are first impressions after finishing the game. (During this playthrough, the character Nisha was used)

The game itself is Borderlands. It is fun co-op fun and well nothing more. The stage design actually is a fun moon play. Gravity varies from level to level which is cool. This game has had the most consistent loot drops and specialty drops of any of the games in series which is amazing. There was a great variety from common to rare items which are the greatest thing Gearbox has done to the series. I did not just get rocket rifles in the beginning of the game (Sorry Borderlands 2). The main story itself was great and fit in with the rest of the series even though it was not as comedic as Borderlands2.


Glorious weapon drops all around


There was also an introduction of the new feature called the grinder. This was a cool thing added where you could combine together the three of one type of weapon. This was a good addition of something new. Word of advice combining purple rarity will not get you a guaranteed upgraded orange weapon. It might give you a lower level stat purple weapon which sucks. It still was a good small edition. It
The problem that this game suffers from is that there is nothing new. They did not use this game to experiment with anything major. Gearbox should have used the pre-sequel to try things and used it as a chance to experiment.The game itself suffers from the issues of difficulty, where it is very easy all throughout the game. When you make to the end that’s where the game gets difficult. There have been more deaths because of falling off the stage than actual battles. Most of the secondary missions are very uninteresting which is very disappointing. They make up a huge chunk of the game and last way too long.


Overall my experience was all over the place. It was frustrating and great at the same time. So it was a great game after all. Despite the problems that were there, it was fun overall.


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