Monday Coffee: Superbowl, VideoGames, & Lady Gaga

The Superbowl took over this Sunday like ever year. Not everyone gets the ability to catch it or any of the other stuff that happens over the weekend. So here is a little bit of reading to go with your Monday.

Superbowl Conclusion

If you did not get to catch the game the New England Patriots took home a victory in the first ever Superbowl overtime. On top of the history making, the New Egland Patriots made history with the biggest comeback in a Superbowl history of 25 points. Tom Brady became the first quarterback to win five Superbowls. One of the biggest highlights of the game 82-yard interception by Robert Alford of the Atlanta Falcons.

Nintendo Switch commercial and Superbowl Takeover

Nintendo made Superbowl history too with it’s first ever commercial in a Superbowl. It is just a lot of people playing the switch. There is no better description than that.

There was also a commercial for Elder Scrolls Online and World of Tanks there as well. In random video game news,  the question of how to watch the Superbowl on your choice of console took over the console related searches on Google.


Lady Gaga Spectacular Show

Gaga took the half-time stage and did an amazing job.Singing some of her hits like “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance” to songs off her new album Joane. It is better to see yourself so watch the video below.


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