Looking at Resident Evil 7 and the changing Style

Capcom’s long time series jut released on Jan. 24 and is it even the same game?

Resident Evil has had a very interesting life span. In the beginning, the game was considered a timeless classic. Changing the gaming world by introducing a different style of survival horror. The first game was released in 1996 and it had made an impact that changed the medium. At that time it had the greatest balance of action and horror

Fast forward a couple of years and the game made a change as the consoles did.  Resident Evil 4 was the first change to the series but not to the gameplay. It changed the style. The game went more into the action side as it progressed. Moving towards Resident Evil 6 the game had three separate types of stories to appeal to each type of gamer in an attempt to restore the balance.


A few days ago the game had a complete change. It had pretty much, kept the same style of the genre but changed the style of mechanics. The game went from the third-person to first. They dropped the heads-up-display to a more interactive display of health like that of Dead Space. The pace is creepingly slow and dark to create ann atmosphere to terrify the player. The game went from the action side to the horror side. It still retains the action survival elements but the action has toned down dramatically.

This change was not begged for but it was needed. The game had lost itself in a bad attempt to keep up with leading genre action titles such of Call of Duty. Which in Capcoms defense Call of Duty was the leading selling the game for the last couple of years besides the one year when Grand Theft Auto 5 release. Now horror games seemed to be trending these days. Games such as Outlast and P.T. (Silent Hill) have taken over and with the help of Virtual Reality, the genre continues to thrive.

Capcom needed to find their balance again and they somewhat have. It just now the community has to hope the game is made well.


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