Scalebound is a bigger lost for Xbox than they think


Scalebound was an action RPG being made by Platinum Games and it was a great looking game. It had a Devil May Cry style to it, cooperative play, and huge amazing bosses which are rare now and days. The cancellation had really come to a surprise to the gaming community.

The part that really bothered me was the reason which was to focus on other games. This would be fine if a majority of the games were not sequels. The one game that was not a sequel was Sea Of Thieves. Those sequels have their audiences and the people who wanted those games are going to get an Xbox One or either already have one.

So why write off something with so many positives? Xbox really needs new exclusive games and need them to last to establish characters the way PlayStation and Nintendo have. Also every exclusive gives them another buying point. Brand new games these days are practically being begged for these days.


This was a chance for a new character, series, and fans and maybe they realize that. Maybe not, but I hope Phil Spencer is really sorry about this one because the amount of backlash for this game is already high.

Stay prepared for this year everyone, it is starting out a little shaky.


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  1. It’s a loss for sure, but the reasons for it’s cancellation are still unknown. Perhaps in time we’ll learn the full truth, but as of now there’s nothing out there but speculation.

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    1. Alpha says:

      I’m hoping Phil Spencer will be honest about it.

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      1. What I’ve seen so far from him is that he’s a down-to-earth type. The Xbox team seems very vocal and participates in their community, which is cool. What I saw of Microsoft saying that they’d be still bringing out games this year wasn’t that they cancelled Scalebound to refocus the resources, but more just reassurance that one cancellation wouldn’t leave a barren release schedule this year.

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      2. Alpha says:

        That’s true but it still sucks to have it canceled.

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  2. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    this is odd. I’m not really following xbox one, but usually I’m seeing some not so good news, and their list of exclusive has really gone down, or the games have come out with lack luster responses.

    I do commend their passion to get the cross play working between xbox one and windows along with backwards compatibilty, they aren’t doing everything wrong.

    but yes you are right, huge boss fights are something i base my game purchases on alot, and seeing this take the plunge is sad

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    1. AM says:

      You are right about that they aren’t doing everything wrong. Their efforts to do things like backwards compatibility and crossplay don’t go unnoticed. It seems though they have lost focus on the games.


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