Life of Black Tiger is already my Game of the Year

PlayStation put out this trailer for this game called Life of Black Tiger and well…

It is amazing. Look at these graphics in all of their beauty. Those animal animations blow my mind. It is like watching real animals in the wild. I have to have this game. When I saw that I could have tiger love, I nearly cried. If I could have tiger babies that would make this all the better. This right here is a console seller.

In all seriousness, though, this game is interesting. With it’s PlayStation 2 style graphics and animations the biggest question I have is why?

Life of Black Tiger was a mobile game released in 2014. Made by the developers at 1games, it features a tiger that was abandoned. On the app store, it has done well with a 4-star rating so I guess PlayStation wanted it as a full game. The game releases in the spring according to the PlayStation website. Is anyone interested in this? I am wondering what it will look like when it is finally released.



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