Will Nintendo ever be included in the competition again?


I have not given up on Nintendo, but the day they come out with something that is brand new and worthwhile that is not one of their many beloved characters will be the day they will be included in the conversation again. Nintendo had created their own lane with the Wii and essentially buried themselves at the same time. The Wii had was one of the most selling consoles of all time and that seems to be its biggest accolade.

To answer the question in a better fashion Nintendo can not and will not compete with Xbox or PlayStation because they are still in their own world and should they even leave? Yes and no. They should because Nintendo has reached a point where they are really just trying stuff and hoping that it works. They are at the point where Apple is right now. Where they have added a touch bar to replace your top row on your keyboard and have the audacity to call it innovative.Nintendo is stuck in a terrible position. They can either continue with the mix of trying to be innovative hardware at the sake of losing the hardcore gamer, or they could go for the hardcore crowd. They could go for a powerful console and then afterward focus on making new IPs and better games.


At this point though it seems there is no coming back and they should continue doing what they are doing.The Switch is a very interesting product in a way that it is trying to appeal to the hardcore and casual consumer. Only time will tell if it will work. The Nintendo Switch will not be the thing that changes that. As matter of fact, that only solidifies them in their own position. This is actually a good thing for them as they are somewhat free of consumer influence. Nintendo has done their own thing since they started and will probably continue to do it no matter how different the products are.

People will still buy it and because of this Nintendo does not have to stay in the loop. They do not have to fully compete in the so-called console wars and worry about coming out on top. They found the audience and will continue to provide for them the best they can. As for them going into the mobile gaming market is a whole different story for another time.



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  1. Considering how insanely well the Wii sold (over 100 million!) I doubt they will pull out any time soon, even with the disappointing Wii U. The Switch will likely do just fine with Zelda being on it too.

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    1. Alpha says:

      You are correct about that. It is more a of a question about them being included in the talk about who is the best and Nintendo is starting to become excluded from the talk

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      1. It depends on what would be considered to be the best. I will agree that some of Nintendo’s practices are somewhat outdated, but the quality of some of the games they release can’t be questioned. I’d like to see them develop a new IP however, rather than relying on the old standbys.

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      2. Alpha says:

        I knew Nintendo IP would be great. Yeah they have splatoon but i feel like people wanted the action adventure new ip from them

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  2. Interesting take on the Switch! I’m not sure Nintendo is ever trying to produce the “best” console (whatever anyone’s definition of “best” is), but they do innovate within the “game console” realm. I think appealing to the console gamer and handheld gamer at the same time is an interesting move, and I’m waiting to see how long the batteries last for the handheld part…

    At the end of the day, it’s going to come down to the lineup of games. The Wii U had little 3rd party support (at least to start), and so didn’t perform well in initial sales. If the Switch is innovative *and* allows you to take your favorite games with you on the go, I think that will be a huge draw. Will it be the best console? Maybe not, but the Wii got Sony and Microsoft jumping on the motion-control bandwagon, so it’s possible the Switch will again set the trends for other consoles to follow.

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    1. Alpha says:

      Yeah that is the big fear. Having to rely on them to learn from the mistakes of the WiiU is a big gamble the portable part is a big upside though. Also, would that be a good thing?

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      1. I’m not sure whether it would be a good thing or not, but shaking up “the establishment” usually results in new and interesting things happening!

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      2. Alpha says:

        And everyone knows that Nintendo does it well

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