Ghosts changed Call of Duty forever

I remember when ghosts was first announced and fish AI was the only “next gen” thing about it, but Call of Duty Ghosts became one of the most hated Call of Duty’s in the series. That’s not the point of this article but it is part of it.

I picked up the hardened edition of Ghosts on sale about maybe a year and a half go.Went through the campaign and somewhat enjoyed it which saddens me personally because I doubt that this is getting a sequel. Moving on to the multiplayer, it felt like Call of Duty at first. I have picked it up recently and I started to get that same feeling that I got when I stopped playing.

The maps are all seemingly large for no reason slowing down the normal fast paced gameplay. I thought this was because they were going to increase the player count in matches (6v6 to 8v8). The new movement system with sliding and leaning felt very useless even if it was kind of cool. The weaponry felt very limited with the new system of squad points. The thing that about that bothers me the most about it is that I never felt like a good player. In every game prior I had the moment where I have done really amazing and deserved MVP accolades. This game not so much. I never get the triumphant feeling of winning because I am terrible at it. I thought to myself what was so different?


Mainly the multiplayer is not as good.Nothing felt the same. The movements felt more sluggish, the perk system had become even more overly complicated, and it did not seem as smooth as the previous Call of Duties. The issue with this game is that it felt like it was meant to change a lot and it failed because of them trying to be ambitious in parts where there were no changes needed.

Ghost changed it Call of Duty because it showed that change was not good for the series. Ghosts was the catalyst. The more they change Call of Duty from what it is the more people leave. The people asked for change but to change it from what it was to whatever it is now. I only mean in the multiplayer aspect of course because that is the reason it sells.

I looked at this from another game standpoint that being Battlefield. Battlefield has gone to different historical periods, but the game plays the exact same way every time. They make the movements more fluid and change the guns and vehicles, and they change the maps. A battlefield player could skip an iteration, play the next one and be a worthy competitor like they never left.

Ghosts was the Call of Duty that started the move towards change, but was it really a good thing?


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  1. Interestingly, Ghosts is also the first game in Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare era to have its plot thread abandoned altogether in favor of a new entry.

    It was a pretty meh game, that’s for sure.

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    1. Alpha says:

      I read something where the developers said that doing MW4 would have been to easy. It might have been the way they should have went.

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      1. You mean like just making a Modern Warfare 4? That’s basically what they ended up making.

        I just find interesting that they chose to abandon Ghosts’ plot line entirely to move onto Infinite Warfare. It seems like the only studio that still makes ‘good’ CoD games is Treyarch.

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      2. Alpha says:

        They could have continued it but they wouldnt have had a justifiable reason for jumping so far into the future. You are right, Treyarch seems to be the only ones that have gotten it right

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      3. The funny thing is that Treyarch honestly used to be the ‘screwup’, spinoff developer. They really hit their stride though. Can’t say I’m a fan of their style of games, but I have to acknowledge the fact that they know what they’re doing.


  2. It’s hard when people say they want “change” or “something new,” especially in a franchise that has a formula that is working. Unfortunately, people are generally not able to really describe *what* it is they want until they have it in front of them., which means that a new coat of pain will usually not cut it…

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