The small things are mattering more


When the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 first released, we saw to gaming giants going head to head in a battle over the control of the gaming world. Now we have PlayStation 4, and the Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo Switch with an upcoming release. Now the smaller details are mattering more than ever.


To explain it better, the competition is at a point where everything matters. In one corner we have the PlayStation 4 Pro. A gaming machine meant to compete with the ever evolving PC. We have the Xbox One Scorpio. An all out machine that is meant to be the hardcore gamers go to machine. The Nintendo Switch an interesting device for the casual and the hardcore. I can’t include the PC because it is a universe of its own.


Things like native 4k and upscale 4k really make a big difference and it should. The gimmick of the Nintendo Switch is very appealing to someone that is casual. The fact the Xbox One S come with a 4k Blu-Ray  player is a major selling point. These things matter because it is not just the hardcore audience paying attention now. It has been like this for awhile and now the Gaming companies are taking notice.


Remember in the beginning, at the release of the systems there were talks about the not having the ability to play music in the background while you play and now  you can. There is also  now the ability to live stream straight from the console. You have the ability to change from game to game to movie within seconds. There are online stores to download your games, movies, and music to the console. There are all types of apps and even cable TV.

These are all great things that are really the not necessary but they have become features to have. To add them to the any of the machines out there would put any of them ahead.




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  1. I think in terms of graphics, we’ve almost hit the bar when it comes to advancing any further, so game consoles do need to start worrying more about all the things that add up to a game’s visuals, rather than graphics and raw power alone.

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    1. Alpha says:

      I have thought about it a lot when it comes to graphics and you are right. 5k is coming but it will be a while before it even comes to consumers.

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