We as Gamers, have become too accepting. 

The first time DLC was introduced to me, it was in Halo 3 and Modern warfare 2. These two games were cemented into into their communities as some of the best in the series. It is funny how these two games contributed to one of things that somewhat plague gaming today.

DLC and Microtransactions are now apart of gaming. We have to accept it now because at this point, they are not going anywhere. We do not have to accept the way they are implemented.

Gaming as a whole has been invaded by people who do not care about it as a medium. It has become noticable, because microtransactions have become so common and awfully implemented that it ruins entire game modes.

Not only in that aspect but in the community as well. There are YouTubers that just do not care about the community. This would not be a problem if now they did not represent a whole community. These people are not community leaders in the most, but they are famous. These are the people that many of these companies go to help with their games which can be bad. Not all of there opinions can useful because many of them have not played some of the games. Also they have to be honest with people who have flown them out to play a game early before anyone else. That is a pretty good luxury.

We as Gamers have become accepting of the gaming publishers, companies, and the people that represent us as a whole. There are people who generally care in this business but there are a lot of people who don’t. These past few years we have been getting hustled by everyone and no more.

No more half finished games, terrible day one DLC, microtransactions to get ahead, and no more awful practices from any gaming company.

Also stop uploading gamplay videos every day and try and do something creative. Its too many people making lets play and nothing else. YouTube gamers literraly can upload a whole twitch stream, chop it up,release in parts and call it a let’s play.

Lets vote with our walets and speak out.

No More.


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree, but this is a hard sell, especially when DLC contains integral parts of the game. Even if the DLC isn’t integral, it’s still “part of the story,” which can be hard to pass up. We do, however, need to have a serious discussion about DLC and microtransactions on a much grander scale than we are now.

    I’m interested in how Let’s Plays are connected to this idea, too. Is it the monetization that you don’t like?

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    1. Alpha says:

      There was this video where this guy spent a lot of money in Halo 5 on microtransactions. Now there is nothing wrong with that. That is your money but now YouTubers have a big influence on things. So somebody will see that and think it is okay. Also if they say a game is terrible, and it is not just there type of game, people will automatically write off the game. I don’t mind them getting paid just use the influence for good.

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      1. I see what you’re saying. You’re right in that regard! Everyone in the public eye should be aware of the weight their words carry, and should never sell an opinion as fact.

        I guess I’ve been lucky: the few YouTubers I follow are very objective in their views of games! But I don’t really follow games like Halo and Call of Duty and things like that. I always wondered if there was a different sort of mindset when playing those games that more strategy or story-driven games? Either way, the LPers should state an opinion as an opinion, and let people explore and experience games for themselves.

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      2. Alpha says:

        You are right my friend. There kind of is because the FPS are have stories but most of them are not like out of this world good so I would say that their mindsets are different.

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      3. Kaiden says:

        A really good answer, full of ranittalioy!


  2. Microtransactions have become extremely annoying! I typically will only purchase DLC if I feel like it is really adding to the value of the game or if it adds tons of new features that make it seem almost like a brand new game. Otherwise, I don’t bother. I’d rather pay $60 for a complete game up front!

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    1. Alpha says:

      Right why make us pay for half a game and then make us pay more for the end of it.

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  3. philler211 says:

    This is why I try to wait for a “complete edition” of a game instead of just getting a regular copy these days, tho sometimes I might make some leeway for certain games like Arkham Knight. I didn’t get the $40 season pass, thank fuck I didn’t, but knowing now what was missing, I can’t even finish it. And apparently there is some goty version, but it’s not even available in the US. What kind of sense does that make for companies to do that crap?

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    1. AM says:

      That seems like the best action these days. You can get the entire game for cheaper than when it was released.


  4. Marilu says:

    I had no idea how to approach this beef-ornow I’m locked and loaded.


  5. Thanks. This story is not very typical for me. I am usually plot/dialogue focused, but this one came out when I was working through some personal stuff and I guess it showed. I love your blog. Thanks for taking a moment to share your thoughts.


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