Should Pokemon Go have had a VGA nomination?

After the looking at the list of nominees for individual categories of the annual Video Game Awards, I noticed Pokemon Go in the Family catergory.

Pokemon Go is an interesting mobile game where you go around catching Pokémon. Now before the updates there was not much you could do besides catch Pokémon and help them evolve. You had gyms to takeover but not much more than that.

Now there is no real multiplayer in Pokemon Go. Also, the game itself has no real cooperative play or player v. player. So does it deserve a nomination? In my opinion, not really.

A family game should be about playing with your family and it should be easy. That is why Minecraft and the Lego games are a wonderful example of family games. You can easily play with friends and family without difficulty.

Maybe after a few updates it could be contender maybe, but not right now.


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  1. Liz says:

    I shared your article with my daughter she said, “If anything Pokemon Go stops you from being with your family?!” Just know another generation totally has your back.

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    1. Alpha says:

      Lol I feel very special now. Tell your daughter thank you and she is awesome.

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      1. Liz says:

        Oh, thank you, you made her day too.


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