Learning from the mistakes of the orginal Titanfall 

I really liked the original Titanfall  it was a great FPS in its own way but of course, it had problems. When Titanfall 2 was released it had that same Titanfall way except more. The best thing about original Titanfall was the problems it had because the mistakes that were made no competitive game should never replicate.

Titanfall did not have any groundbreaking technical issues. The game ran well and played well so those were not the problem. The problem came with the gameplay itself and I do not mean the lack of content either. The problem with the original Titanfall is that it missed those real competitive moments.

For example, in Call of Duty, a team deathmatch  can come down to the last few kills and make you sweat. In Search and Destroy, the can be one last person on your team and they can pull off a win. In Battlefield a game of rush will leave you exhausted as a team rushes to diffuse a bomb in the last few seconds.

The one thing that Titanfall is missing is that great feeling of winning and the bad feeling of defeat. The feeling of just pure suspense when everything is just adrenaline. That is the worst mistake any competitive shooter can make.

Playing Titanfall is fun and there is something amazing about going head to head titan to titan. It’s just the game is missing the “wow” moments.

Attrition is the major game mode of Titanfall and since the grunts and specters count as points are kind of a lot of lackluster wins. The titan v. titan mode is cool but it does not feel the same as having the whole battlefield alive like in attrition.

Titanfall is a great game it just made one of the biggest mistakes in competitive multiplayer history and that what was learned from Titanfall.


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