Wii U ending production

The Wii U ending its life cycle feels like what might be the shortest console life cycle in history. It is not but it still feels like the Wii U did not get a chance to have it’s big moment.

The Wii U is not a terrible system but it has flaws. The major one being a lack of games which also worries me with the Nintendo Switch.  The Wii U’s main gimmick was the tablet which made more limitations for the system.

Most of the games that are on the Wii U are most likely going to the Nintendo Switch. They might make a new Mario Kart and Smash Smash Bros, but most games will still be remastered or ported over.

Is anyone sad about it? It is not like the Xbox 360 or PS3 which even went over the life cycle span and had difficult but prosperous life cycles. The Wii U has been around for four years. It has not had many rememberable games and had more complaints than positive reviews.

As mentioned before, what is the Wii U’s big moment? What was the big game that came out that made the community really praise Nintendo for? This just feels like it is justifying the reasons for canceling it and focusing on the Switch.

I guess enjoy it while you have it. Hopefully, the Wii U’s  that are still out are cheap.


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