Why Conan’s Final Fantasy review is important

I really enjoy the Clueless Gamer series because Conan is absolutely hilarious. He has jokes for days, and honestly, his commentary is better than most YouTubers.

This time around, the Clueless Gamer played Final Fantasy 15 with Elijah Wood. Conan boots the game up and well… he says that the game is a big time waster. Now Conan openly admits he does not play video games often and would that said his opinion should become invalid right?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, his opinion of the game matters more than many hardcore gamers out there.

Conan represents an average consumer who knows little to nothing about video games. He might look at reviews, and he might ask the guy at Game Stop about the game. If you have been playing video games for a while or if you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series this does not mean anything to you.

His opinion means a lot to the person getting into video games for the first time. It means a lot to a person who has never played Final Fantasy ever. It might just be jokes, but if you paid attention to the game itself, it does not look fun.

He was bringing up excellent points worst of all. Why focus on getting the car fixed if you can just ride the Chocobos? Why fight a boss for three real days? Who wants to do that? That does not sound fun. Even Elijah Wood looked genuinely frustrated. Also at the end Conan says that this was the longest that they have played a game on Clueless gamer.

Still take Conan’s opinion with a grain of salt because it was mostly entertainment, but pay attention to the reviews of the game. It sounds as if you should wait on the game’s price to drop.


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  1. I honestly think his stuff is funny, even when he’s making fun of a game I enjoy playing. I had a similar reaction to the bit about the 72 hour battle honestly. I think you’re right though. His segments are as close to indicative of casual gamers’ attitudes towards games as they can be.

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