The Pedestrian is a puzzle adventure to look forward to

I was on Reddit when I saw this trailer for this game. The Pedestrian, made by Skookum Arts, is a puzzle game which visually looks challenging and fun.

According to the Skookum Arts website The Pedestrian”Is a 2.5D puzLe platformer that takes ‘puzzle platforming’ literally. You play as The Pedestrian (aka the male bathroom symbol) who works in a restroom sign standing beside his Beloved (the female symbol). When she disappears, you must escape your day job and embark on a perilous journey where you progress by piecing the ‘sign world’ back together in search of your love.”

This game is a simple love story mixed with what looks like challenging gameplay. The interesting concept and style of the game is something to look forward to in a game.

The game is set to release early 2017 for Steam and Mac. Check out this gameplay for the game below.


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  1. Sounds like a very weird and interesting game! 🙂


    1. Alpha says:

      I found it on reddit. A bunch of these small team indie developers have ideas that these big triple A companies do not have.

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      1. That’s pretty neat! You are right, those “little guys” definitely have great ideas that deserve to be brought to life too!

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