Remembering where it all began:Dead Rising 

Dead Rising 4 is on the way with zombie killing action and exploration, so today is going to be a look back where it started. 

Frank West an aspiring journalist get a beat on a town called Willamette and sets out for an unexpected turn of events. As he enters the town via helicopter. As he was coming in he hops off the helicopter at the town mall. His pilot says he will be back in three days and that is where West’s adventure begins. 

Dead Rising has a long list of things that make it rememberable.

 It was one of the games that contributed to the original Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death. The original 360 would be overworked by this game and the insides would be heated up. It was certain parts in the 360 that would melt or become loose because of this. This is because of all of the zombies on the screen at once and at the time was an amazing thing. 

Which leads to the second part, this one of the first zombie games that had zombies completely surround you. The game has you surrounded by zombies for a majority of the game. For the time, this was an amazing thing pull off. 

 This game is difficult from the beginning ,and being level one never felt more like level one. The zombies are not even the biggest enemy in the game. Time is such a frustrating thing to have to race against. You have to try and save survivors, and complete main story missions on a strict time limit. If you miss the main mission it can lead to a game over or worse ending. 

The multiple endings were also an interesting part of the game. The only problem with that is that Capcom has these very specific things that they want you to do and to figure out to get to the other endings. 

Overall, Dead Rising is an amazing game and I am glad the series has made this far. I would go as far as to say it is one of the better zombie series out there. 

Dead Rising 4 will be released on Dec. 6


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