Still Waiting on GTA V single player Expansions

Even after the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2, I am still wanting the DLC. I have been waiting since the beginning after GTA online actually started working.

I know it was sad when I was thinking about  it immediately after I finished the main story, but Rockstar has made San Andreas even more alive than the last time. I was also hoping that it would bring a little bit more closure for each of the individual characters. For instance, Franklin has to make the decision of killing Micheal, Trevor, or all of your enemies. They skip all of that pretend like all of the players made the free for all decision and add on from there.

They could also bring back CJ in some sort of fashion or the gang takeover that was in GTA San Andreas. That would give you the ability to take back Grove Street from the Ballas.

Rockstar could add dancing, and fight clubs like they did in The Ballad of Gay Tony, but there is not much they could add as far as content goes with old DLC content. GTA V is already very colorful and the biker DLC pretty much added everything but missions.

GTA V is amazing game and the single player is great as well. They should add something to hold people over.


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