Sonic Mania and Sega needs to do Sonic Utopia

Sonic is  an amazing mascot with a catalog of good and bad games. It is nothing wrong with the characters themselves, but I think the team behind Sega’s mascot are not up for it  or not trying to be. Either way, Sonic Mania still looks good ,but they should be more ambitious like some fo their fans.

Sonic Mania looks good, and the newer level captures what one would imagine if they continued the series in 2-D side scrolling. The music still sounds good ,and the levels still look fun as ever.

It just feels like Sega could try more. The 2-D is great, but it still is the same old sonic they are trying to use to appease some of their fan base instead of making the sonic game they want. They could not be true, though. They could have wanted to make Sonic like they wanted to make him in Sonic Boom, which could have been good if they wanted it to be. They could have been more ambitious, but not Sonic Boom ambitious. They could have made Sonic Utopia.

I saw Sonic Utopia around the internet a few weeks ago ,and it was basically what Sonic Adventure 3 could have been. Sonic Utopia is an open- world Sonic game created by fans The Great Lange and Musaraki Fox. The game is still in early stages but the early demo looks great. Sonic is just whizzing and running around the free roam version of Green Hill Zone which brings so much happiness. It is hard to deny, this is the Sonic Game fans deserve.


Gameplay from Sage 2016

If Sega was to somehow make the game a possible thing, they would need to put in real effort. The Sonic Generations levels of effort. They a new story which includes all of the characters and a villain that can be Dr. Robotnik ,but also someone else. They need a story that is worthwhile and the world the makes players keep picking the game up. For once, a game like Sonic could be free roam ,and if done correctly they would make up for all of the games in the past.

For now, let’s just pretend Sonic Boom 2 is not a real thing and prepare for Sonic 2017.


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