5 non-horror games that had horror moments

People are really terrified of a lot, but it is difficult to imerse someone in a world where you are truly scared.When it is done well, it has an amazing affect. Some games have had some of the scariest levels and enemies that have not even been horror games. Here are some of those games.

Halo 3- Cortana stage

Everyone remembers this level from Halo 3, mainly because you are behind enemy lines and surrounding by flood. The flood are already very disturbing creatures whom take over body of the dead, so that adds a certain level of fear to things. The GraveMind does not make things better by showing up randomly. So, yeah,good luck on legendary.

Half-Life 2- Head Crabs and Ravenholm

When I was younger, I remember these things a lot more than anything else because they terrified me. Unlike normal zombies, you can still hear the muffled screams of the person that is under control. Then just the pure silence of the game because there is not a lot of music in Half-Life. Then the build up to getting to Ravenholm which of course you find out why they do not go there anymore. It is truly a horrifying place filled with them head crab zombies.

Metro 2033

I have nothing specific about the game that scares me, just a lot of things have a gritty feel to it. The creatures in the game are terrifying and nothing is scarier than using all of your 10 bullets and having run around to escape or find more ammo. The creature that’s most likely chasing you is going to tear you apart. You also have to worry about the poisonous air so that is always a little problem that you have. Just a little one.

Fallout series

When you play Fallout for the first time and don’t really know where to go you most likely are going to run into some of the beautiful landscape, wonderful people, and amazing creatures. Walk across the wastes and you can creatures such as giant radscorpions, giant ants, giant mole rats, and giant mirelurks. What are mirelurks you ask? I don’t know! Explore the tunnels and meet vampire’s and super mutants who want nothing more than to see bleed. Isn’t the wastes great?!

Bioshock 1 & 2

Especially the original Bioshock  which unexpectedly kept me on edge. This game had whole parts which had me on looking around the corner for turrents and constantly turning around. Those enemies will not hesitate to chase you down if they see you. The overall environment is also very dark which adds to the tone of the game.


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