Nintendo Switch is interesting?

After so much time and rumors we finally have a reveal for the Nintendo NX.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console in which you can sit it on a dock and play it on your TV. You can also remove it from the dock, take it and play it on the go. The controller that comes with it, can be pulled apart to attach it to the tablet, so you can play it that way, or you set up the tablet on it’s stand (if it does come with one) and use it the controller to play it anywhere. Also, anyone else with the controller can play games with you on your tablet. Essentially, Ninetendo created a play anywhere console.

To be honest, I have no clue how to feel about this console. It looks cool and seeing everything it can do is pretty amazing.

The one thing that has been plaguing Nintendo, especially recently, is their lack of interest in the the 3rd party developers and how they are going to make their games. Also, with their recent ambitious push in the  newest Legend of Zelda game, the limitations that come around building their systems around specific design choices limits ambition for them and all other developers.

My biggest gripe with the Switch how is it going to keep up and play some of the games? It would be cool if I could play GTA V on the go but could it handle it?  Also with online play, will I be able to connect any wifi and play with my friends no matter where ever I am without struggle?

Despite all of this, it is still exciting that is brand new console and if it works really well it is going to be a success. There is still a lot of questions that need to be answered but all in do time. Also, check out the trailer below if you have not seen it yet. Enjoy!


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  1. disturbedpeace0 says:

    Dont forget the seriously low average of only a 3 hour playback time in mobility mode, and thats with a full charge.

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    1. Well dang they really are tying something different but alot of it still is wait and see


  2. Anoms. says:

    I agree with you…it is kind of a wait and see what it will be like. I can’t say I’m too excited for it, but I am interested in what will become of it.

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    1. AlphaFreedom says:

      Same here there is going to be a lot info coming out about it until release so hopefully they give us something


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