Flashback Friday: Jak and Daxter : The Precursor Legacy

When the PlayStation 2 was first released, I was hyped as a kid. My dad had got me started with gaming on the original PlayStation, so it was only right we upgraded. Now what made the PlayStation solidify itself in my life as a Gamer, was none other the dynamic duo Jak and Daxter. This was my first free roam game.

This game is the essential adventure game, because well you could go all over the world with with little restriction. The combat and platforming was simple. The enviroments were amazing from the beginning to the end. This gave you everything an adventure game was supposed to have.

The story is about two best friends by the name of Jak and Daxter. After going to an island that they were told to not to go to, Daxter fell into a magical substance called eco. This specific eco was the dark eco which tranformed Daxter into an otsell. The two set out on an adventure with the sage of green eco Samos, and his daughter/engineer Kiera to find the sage of dark eco.

The adventure is fun,hilarious, and challenging. There are two more games in the series, but this is the most colorful one. The series takes a darker and more serious tone in the other two games, but still remains fun and the story gets better.

I recommend anyone who has not played the game check it out. They have an HD collection on Playstaion 3, or you can pick it up on PlayStation 2 somewhere cheap. Even get it on an emulator, thats how good it is.


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