A Monument to all of your Sins

I finished Halo Reach on legendary  solo and that is amazing. 

This has always been a great feat in any game, and well it is an achievement that is well deserved by the people who decide to take on that task. 

In any case I am glad Gamers are in a place where we actually invite challenge because at one point many I thought that games were getting to easy. Then Dark Souls, well Demon Souls first, came out. To the people who have figured out how to beat that game without help, congratulations. I am going to eventually come to that giant and take it down but for now Dark Souls will wait. 

Before completing Halo on legendary though, I thought at one point are the most difficult settings in video games unfairly hard? For example, Halo on legendary by your self is difficult. Going toe to toe with an elite of any class without correct weaponry is suicide. What makes it worse that they can take you down without no problem ,but your bullets feel like you are throwing rocks at them. I found out the game is difficult, but i was playing it wrong. 

When you play the game on those higher difficulties its easy to go in and think you just shoot down your enemies but thats how you end up in the dirt. A game about shooting aliens and saving the world became an accuracy and strategy game. I had to think very tatically about how you would handle every enemy encounter. I had to learn from every death about what was working and what was. Then after that it came down to just my in game skills. 

Do not miss and do not run out of ammo. Those are big mistakes that will make change you whole strategy up. Time your shots and learn a good order to take down enemies. Its a bunch of stuff I could tell you but some of it really varies game to game. 

In a way this is like a beginners guide to making that leap to those higher difficulties or at least an intro to it. I really hope this help someone take that step to graduate to that harder difficulty. 


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  1. Noms says:

    Congrats on beating the game. Must’ve been a challenge… I like the way you have this set up as a survival guide…in a way. These tips are very helpful. Maybe one day I can use them when I get to that point.


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