Rant: PlayStation should worry about Xbox instead of PC

What is PlayStation doing? I really do not understand.

The PS4 Pro is coming this year?They are worried about PC? What’s happening here? Why is this happening?

The PlayStation event released a lot of the same information and new information. The main thing being the PS4 pro. This is not a bad thing. The PS4 pro is the console we all deserved from the beginning like the Scorpio. The way the PlayStation is doing it comes with many problems for sure.

The biggest one being that it was made to compete with PC. Why? Yes they, Andrew House head of Sony, came out and said the PS4 pro was made in direct competition of the personal computer.


They can not and will not survive if they compete with PC. The PC evolves to quickly for the console to keep up. The only way they would be able to compete with them is if they make a console with interchangable parts.

That idea comes with problems such as how would you do that in a way that is easy for non-technical consumer. For any hardcore gamer you have to convice them that this would be better and easier than PC which is a lot harder. For PC owners, you can not convince them that console is better than a PC unless they just have an old PC.

Its just that they need to focus on Xbox which is obviously doing the right thing by completely intergrating with PC and putting their exclusives there and making it possible to play with your friends there as well.

In thia situation if you can’t beat em’ join em’ wouls have been a great motto to have, but no this how they chose to do it ans they might bury themselves.


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  1. Noms says:

    I agree. &! Actually excited to see how that will turn out. Sounds crazy to me how they’re competing with the pc?? Really? They’re WAY behind and will have to bring a lot to the table to get a great amount of people interested in something like that.


    1. AlphaFreedom says:

      Then it came out already. I dont think they are prepared.


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