How Luigi made being player 2 awesome

The original player 2 Luigi is amazing and always has been. The green man himself earned my respect immediately in Super Mario. How loyal do you have to be when your brother comes to you and says, ” Hey yo bro. This princess has been kidnapped and we got to search at least 546 castles before we find her. Also, she was kidnapped by a giant dragon.”

In all seriousness, Luigi is and will always be the original player 2 and there nothing wrong with that. Sometimes being player one is a terrible deal. Actually being player 2 is the better deal.

For example when Luigi got his own game, Luigi’s Mansion, it was a classic. It was a new concept for Nintendo and you actually get to save someone you care about. In the end, after saving ol’Mario sorry behind you get a huge house. Has Mario ever got a real reward? Nope.Luigi also gets to be in every game. Even the original Super Mario Bros. had Luigi in there.

It is just fun sitting back and have your brother do the work, but you know if Mario ever needs help who will be there.


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  1. Noms says:

    Great article! Made me chuckle a little bit, but I agree!

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