Xbox Preview: LFG & Clubs

With the Preview Program for Xbox releasing it’s latest update, bringing Cortana and Background Music to all, Microsoft is hot on its heels with another batch of announcements for what’s next for the console’s future.

Microsoft is bringing more great features such as Clubs and Looking for Group, both of which expand the sociability to find more friends and even post want ads for people to join your game to get achievements or even that hard mode raid.

Looking for Group adds the ability to post for other players to join your group so you can create your post using a very easy to use interface, including the options to request microphones only, no swearing, competitive play, and many more. I personally am excited for this feature because now and days people aren’t social and they do not talk in game chat or they leave their kinect on and all you hear is the seriously loud TV and kids screaming, but i digress…

Another feature are the Clubs. Clubs bring a new way for your friends and you to get together and play games together. By making your club, or joining an existing one, you’ll be able to call anyone in your club at the press of a button.

This update also includes the addition of emojis! Yes, you heard it right. Emojis. Think your message was too bland? Spice it up with a smile!

The update itself has started to roll out, in waves, to preview members starting September 6th, with myself still waiting on it. What do you think of the updates and the direction that Microsoft and Xbox are going in? Leave a like and comment below!


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