PlayStation Elite controller is real

There a lot of rumors surrounding the legitimacy of PlayStation Elite controller, but it is very real.

Note: I failed to mention that it was not a official sony controller. That’s all my bad.

The PlayStation Elite controller was confirmed real by our friendly neighborhood Target who had posted all of the features of the controller.

According to Target some Features Include:

  • Bluetooth Control
  • Rubberized housing for fine grip
  • Compatible with Xbox Elite Controller accessories
  • Charges with included 9′ braided triggers
  • Interchangeable Back Paddles with 2 preset configurations

Check out the full list here:

The most interesting thing that it would be compatible with all of the Xbox One paddles.

The controller has a high resemblance to Xbox One Elite controller which is not a big issues. Many of the high-end controllers have the interchangeable parts. A bigger issue is the price and the durability of the controller. The price point on the One Elite controller was 150$ and according to amazon reviews they warned other buyers to get a longer warranty. Many of the controllers were wearing out within a few months.

There is no official release date yet.


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