YouTube is not censoring anyone

Before I really get into this, there is a really great video by the dudes from the Gaming Illuminaughty that really added a different perspective on the subject.

Now to be honest, the whole  YouTube demonetization, well monetization changes to what is advertiser friendly really confused me.

It started with the whole YouTube is over party which everyone was basically complaining about being censored. I thought accounts were getting shut down, my favorite YouTubers and their videos were really going to be gone. Guess what? None of that happened. So, what was really going on? YouTube decided to change some of their monetization guidelines. More specifically, the advertiser-friendly guidelines. You can check that out from the link.

Now, this whole fiasco is pretty much a lot of YouTubers being upset about either being paid less or not being paid at all for the videos being put out. The reaction was a little over-dramatic to say the lease. No one is censoring anyone at all. Anyone can still put a video on YouTube on any day of the week at anytime. Depending on the video you might not get paid for it. The reaction was from the community was very much understandable though. YouTube or Google,whomever, did it without notifying anyone. Everyone found out through big YouTube channels.

This is still a big deal, but not censorship. There are many YouTubers that are very affected by this. Many people have come to rely on YouTube for a steady income. Depending on what type of videos you make you can either adjust or end your YouTube career.

As far as the gaming community goes this really affects a vast majority of everyone, but once again it is one of those things where you adapt or quit. To all the LetsPlayers out there, good luck.

To put my own personal opinion out there, this might be good to kind of slow some of those videos down. To be honest a lot of Youtubers out there are really not that creative and funny, and it has become too easy to make money from YouTube in general. It is over saturating the whole market.  Also with everything on monetization, there are many things to take into consideration, but the main thing is if YouTube enforces it improperly (great start by the way) many YouTubers will disappear.This is kind of interesting to watch, because now we are going to see who really sticks around and adapts, or decides to move on from YouTube.

Do not fear for your favorite YouTubers though, and do not fear for yourself if you are just starting out. Do your research on how to survive this thing, if you feel endangered, and keep on moving. Also if you really do violated, work together to see if that community wants change.

Be safe out there adventurist the other creative platforms are coming.


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