Where are we going to go with the Kinect?

So the Xbox One S is out. That’s cool.

You know you have to buy an adapter to plug in the Kinect. The thing they forced everyone to buy in the beginning. So tell us Xbox, what are you going to do with it?

It is amazing, because they put so much emphasis on the Kinect and I was hoping it would be so much better this time around. The 360 Kinect was good with certain games. The dancing games are always fun family games and the voice recognition integration in some games increases immersion.

The One kinect was an attempt to make the One a hub for your entertainment. You can just walk in the room and your One will make it like SmartHouse. Well it kind of worked when people set up the Kinect properly. As for gaming, the developer has to determine whether they want to use it, and some games have taken advantage of it.

The Kinect actually could have been a great tool. I really thought they were going to use it with VR technology, making it more immersive but no news on that front. As a matter of fact, the adapter so you can use the Kinect for the One S is $40. The fact you can’t plug the Kinect in the One S without the adapter is a red flag.

Check out the link below if you want to see a full list of games that utilize the Kinect and kinect games. To see Xbox One specific games just enter in the year of release in the refined search bar.


There are a few games coming to the Kinect still so o don’t think they are done with it yet, but don’t be bothered if you have it.

Enjoy it digital adventurist while you still have it.


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