TitanFall 2 singleplayer looks great

I had so much fun with TitanFall but, it did have a lot of problems. The biggest one had to be the lack of content which killed the longevity of the game.

So it looks like Respawn Entertainment is adding a lot to the game,hopefully. I do know they added a new story mode which is great in my opinion. I was skeptical at first but, the single player gameplay that recently came out admittedly had me hype.

In the beginning,  I had that feeling they are going to it some very cliché action movie plot. This is Respawn and being the former makers of Modern Warfare I hoped for better but, expected worse.Also, since this is a heavy multiplayer focused game, I expected most of the focus to be on that instead.

The single player gameplay looked to have had a BioShock infinite feel to it. The level design felt very open with the combat having the feeling as if it was all over the place instead of just in a singular area. This a great thing of course because of Titanfall’s action style. The little dialogue between the main character and the Titan had an actual conversation tree which I hope it gives more depth to the characters and the story, instead of just being a feature.

Footage from youtuber Punish 

The only real problem I had, which probably because of the player, it looked too easy. There was a time he walked around a soldier and the soldier did not do anything but just stand there. It was probably a difficulty thing because he started fighting a smaller looking titan on foot which almost killed him.

Overall the game is starting to really nice and that is great. This got rid of some of my somewhat skepticism of the game, so now all we have to do now is just wait and see.

How do you feel about TitanFall 2, all my digital adventurist, and let me know whether you are excited about it.


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  1. Paul-NL says:

    Titanfall was one of those games that always had a fantastic concept to me, but I never got into because of the multiplayer only focus. When they announced a campaign for Titanfall 2, I was pretty much sold already on the sequel! The open test they released over the weekend was also a blast to play!!


    1. Anthony says:

      They really messed up the so called campaign in the first one. The multiplayer has actually been receiving a little negativity from the community which is crazy because it looks great. How was everything to you?


      1. Paul-NL says:

        When I tried it everything seemed smooth to me. Running along walls, aiming, shooting, controlling titans, taking down titans. Maybe it’s because I’m newer to the series, but I honestly could find very little to complain about.

        I work over at Now Loading, so if you’re keen on the idea of sharing your articles on our website, you may get more feedback from our readers and some other Titanfall fans. Contact me if you need any help/info about getting started. 🙂

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      2. Anthony says:

        Okay cool give me your email or what is it I need to do?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Paul-NL says:

    Not sure if my previous messages went though. There’s more info and a contact address on my blog. 🙂


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