No Man’s Sky and the Problem with Open world games. 

The game with the most delays ,in my knowledge of gaming history ,has finally arrived.

With that being said,this is had the most interesting time trying to push itself to the masses. It had early copies come out, constant delays, a late release for PC, and no release for Xbox One because of their strict parity policy which is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.  The policy states that Xbox must have first or equal rights to game release dates or no Xbox release. It’s okay, though, because Xbox does want a release so with enough voice from the  gamers, that release would come.

No Man’s Sky is a pretty ambitious from an indie game developer, though.Hello Games put a supposed 18 quintillion planets and a lot of species to boot to in the beautiful universe.  It does give you a wonderful sense of adventure. That’s a great thing but I have been giving it some thought.

I have read a few things about No Man’s Sky and it is mostly  being called “Minecraft meets Space” or “Minecraft in Space” and that’s cool but at this point  are we getting tired of just exploring ?

What I mean by that, in this year we have had several games that are open world ,but they having been mostly survival and kind of make your own world. I enjoy them but man if the market isn’t saturated with enough of them.

I did not think I would say this but give us less to do. It is the problem plaguing this genre of games. What is the point of me going to kill the thief at Bob from down the lane house if it is boring and unimportant? If you are going to give us unimportant things to do make something like poker or some other mini games. I am starting to miss good mission structures and boss battles.

I really miss those missions where they have fight seemingly infinite waves of enemies ,and you are pushed  to your limits just to fight the boss at the end. You might have one or no health packs left and the game autosaves. You really don’t want it to because it overwrites the save file that you could have loaded to go back and buy more health packs. You push on anyway, and somehow the boss has that one attack that is just plain unavoidable. You continue to push on anyway with 1% health and somehow you manage to pull through with a powerful blow to kill the boss and you to go home a champion.

In the end of all this, I say, enjoy your space exploration my fellow digital adventurist maybe we will run into each other. Now excuse me, I have to go kill the thief at Bob from down the lane house.


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  1. You read my mind! I like the idea that of “giving us less to do”. Too many of these tasks in too many open world games, and we’re just basically repeating the same mission over and over. Less is more!

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    1. Alpha says:

      Right! Too much of same without no variety.

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